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Sep 12, 2014

FounderLine host Joe Beninato and guest Manu Kumar of K9 Ventures answer listener questions including:

- Describe an instance where you had to be persistent to get a deal done or hire someone. How did you balance being persistent and not being pain in the neck at the same time?

- Every investor says the best way to reach them is through their network. What is the best way a founder with engineering background who does not have a network, start building their network that will vouch for them?

- Why do you require your founders to be technical as opposed to having a mix of business and technical?  Are there any drawbacks to having an all technical team?

- It seems that seed stage investors have different perspectives on taking board seats. Can you please share you thoughts on this topic?

- What is your stance on startups offering early exercise (83B) to their employees?