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Aug 22, 2014

In this episode, host Joe Beninato and guest Heidi Roizen of DFJ answer listener questions including:

- What tools are there for women entrepreneurs? What tools are missing that would help most? How can we get more women founders in Silicon Valley?

- How important is the state of incorporation? There seems to be an investor preference for Delaware. Is that generally preferred or are there other good choices?

- I'm a designer at a public Internet company and would like to become a startup founder. What advice would you give me for finding the right idea and partners to work with?

- How does DFJ make investment decisions? Do all of you have to agree to invest in a company?

- I've noticed is that all these Venture Capital companies have all their details online but no email address to contact them. How do they get to know the viable start ups on the market?

In the "Ask The Lawyer" segment, Mitch Zuklie of Orrick discusses structuring a partnership between a start-up and a larger company