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Jul 2, 2015

FounderLine is a live weekly webcast devoted to helping startup founders succeed, hosted by seven-time startup entrepreneur and investor Joe Beninato. Each week, Joe welcomes an experienced entrepreneur or investor to discuss startup-related topics and field questions from entrepreneurs around the world. FounderLine is broadcast live, and viewers are welcome to send questions via email or twitter. For more information, go to

In this episode, host Joe Beninato and guest Philip Rosedale of High Fidelity answer viewer questions including:

  • What are some of the differences between starting a company today vs back in the 1990's, aside from lower cost of starting?
  • You've been able to raise a lot of money from some great investors. What are the key reasons you're able to do that? Any insights for a first-time CEO?
  • Ray Kurzweil and Andrew Ng are advancing AI with their work at Google Labs and Baidu Research Lab.  What advantages do you have in advancing Virtual Reality in startups as opposed to joining a large company like Google or Baidu?
  • We are deciding between taking money from a lead investor we don't like and waiting for the right investor to come along. Any advice for weighing the pros and cons?
  • What are your thoughts on employee compensation? Do you do anything out of the ordinary for your teams?