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Jun 18, 2015

FounderLine is a live weekly webcast devoted to helping startup founders succeed, hosted by seven-time startup entrepreneur and investor Joe Beninato. Each week, Joe welcomes an experienced entrepreneur or investor to discuss startup-related topics and field questions from entrepreneurs around the world. FounderLine is broadcast live, and viewers are welcome to send questions via email or twitter. For more information, go to

In this episode, host Joe Beninato and guest Jason Calacanis of Inside answer viewer questions including:

- Some startups are hugely successful and others aren't able to raise money. What separates the companies that can raise more money from those who can't? Is it all about the metrics, the people, or...?

- Given your involvement in many different activities and now with the announcement of Jack Dorsey taking on two separate CEO roles, how do you successfully manage your time and be effective at multi stressful tasks?

- We've raised $700k and are not yet to the point where we can raise an A round. What are the best ways to position ourselves to raise $2-3 million given this situation?

- Where do resourceful, scrappy, first time founders go, if they happen to live in a less tech-forward location?

- How should a founder strike the right balance between bootstrapping a startup and raising money from investors who can add value not only in money, but also advice, mentorship and network?