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May 14, 2015

FounderLine is a live weekly webcast devoted to helping startup founders succeed, hosted by seven-time startup entrepreneur and investor Joe Beninato. Each week, Joe welcomes an experienced entrepreneur or investor to discuss startup-related topics and field questions from entrepreneurs around the world. FounderLine is broadcast live, and viewers are welcome to send questions via email or twitter. For more information, go to

In this episode, host Joe Beninato and guest Mike Maples of FLOODGATE Fund answer viewer questions including:

- What are some of the mistakes you’ve learned from?  Investments you shouldn't have made, or opportunities you've missed?

- Please share some unexpected characteristics you have observed in entrepreneurs that have gone on to have a high-level of success

- What impact does having two women partners in your firm have when analyzing female founders?

- Your site says that you invest before traditional VCs are ready.  This sounds risky.  What secrets do you know about picking the winners early?  What different methods do you use than traditional VCs?   

- Our lead investor thinks it may be time to bring in a more experienced CEO and the founders don't agree. Any advice for how to handle this?