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Apr 2, 2015

FounderLine host Joe Beninato and guest Bill Trenchard of First Round Capital answer listener questions including:

- As an investor, how do you and First Round deal with something like YC Demo Day, where there are over 100 companies all at once? Do you divide them among partners? Focus on certain areas only?

- Pinterest has just announced a change to give employees 7 years, instead of the typical 90 days, in which to exercise any vested options. What does such a policy cost an employer? Will this position influence other companies?

- Do you believe Meerkat's success will diminish without the help of Twitter's social graph, and Periscope will dominate? Or maybe neither of them will succeed and we are just experiencing the peak of a hype cycle?

- As a startup founder/CEO, how did you structure your day? How did you make sure you were focusing on the right things every day?

- Do you believe that all original angels and early stage VC's should receive pro rata rights if they want them?