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Sep 26, 2014

FounderLine host Joe Beninato and guest Russ Siegelman answer listener questions including:

- When you are angel investing, is there a valuation amount or structure (e.g. convertible debt vs. equity) that causes you to invest or not invest?

- Knowing what we know now about the social web, what things would you like to have seen Friendster do differently?

- What are some of the success stories from Startup Garage, either products or teams? What does Startup Garage do differently than Y Combinator?

- It seems that big companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. have huge resources but are out-innovated by smaller startups. How does that happen?

- Can you please share with us some insight into the decision process at a large VC like Kleiner-Perkins? For example, what are the steps, do the decisions have to be unanimous, what happens when there are disagreements about investing, etc.