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Sep 19, 2014

In this episode, host Joe Beninato and guest Aydin Senkut of Felicis Ventures answer listener questions including:

- What strategies do you consider when a big established company (Apple/Facebook/Google) moves into your space and encroaches very closely on your niche market?

- What would you do if you met with the perfect team, fantastic recommendations, great experience, super smart... and you really want to work with them, but their product idea isn’t quite right?  Would you pass? 

- Do you attend demo days (like YC or TechStars) and if so, how do you decide which companies to focus on after 2.5 minutes?

- If I'm the founder of a YC company, what's the best way to get your attention at or after Demo Day?

- When you receive a company intro via email, what is the one critical thing that makes you say "I want to talk to this founder" vs. ignoring it?