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Aug 29, 2014

In this episode, host Joe Beninato and guest Ann Miura-Ko of FLOODGATE answer listener questions including:

- How does a CEO balance his/her time given the several responsibilities/opportunities?

- FLOODGATE seems to focus on business plans through referals that you trust.  Why is that? How can somebody with a great product idea and great credentials get noticed?

- If the company that I'm working at does a bridge loan, what does it mean? Do they have to tell their employees when they do a bridge loan?

- I am having a disagreement with one of my investors over where to take our company (strategy-wise). Any suggestions on how to best navigate this?

- What is the #1 reason startups fail? How do you avoid that issue?

In the "Ask The Lawyer" segment, Mitch Zuklie of Orrick discusses the concerns of student entrepreneurs.